Reviewin’ BEER!

I just looked at the tires of my bike on the header.  Damn those tires look massive!  I would like to report that since I am now an urban rider that they are skinnier and more practical but I still get the call of “balloon tires!” at polo.

But enough of that…This post is the first of the transformation of!  This post is all about beer.  Which feels weird because at the moment I’m drinking wine.  I think I need to change that…Ah! that’s better.  Those bittersweet bubbly hops.  Like mother’s milk.

The C-Note.  One of Cascadia's finest.

The C-Note. One of Cascadia’s finest. Also, picture was taken upside down.

Apologies dear readers, for I don’t think I have officially related my intentions (unless, of course, you read The Trip page).  The Whistling Adventures of The Cowabunga Dude is changing!  Same bike, same writer, broader topic.  One passion alone cannot satisfy a man. He needs many things, like bikes.  And beer.  Beer and bikes.  That is what this blog has come to.  The Whistling Adventures of The Cowabunga Dude shall hitherto and now be about bicycle riding and beer.  You may find stories about rides.  You may find stories about breweries.  You may find stories about cool bicycles and tasty brews.  I just hope you are inspired to drink and ride…I mean, drink beer and separately ride a bicycle.

When I got home I was very pleased to see my family and friends.  I got to spend Christmas with my family which was the first time in three years.  I got to meet my cousin’s daughter, who is muy linda y una ternura.  But mostly I was happy to put my lips to that succulent Oregon beer.  Spanish beer is shit.  Shit.  Fortunately they have kalimotxo in Bilbao (equal parts red wine and coke).  But nothing compares to that wock-’em, sock-’em, hop-malt combo that is Oregon beer.  Even in England, where the beer is fine, doesn’t have the punch and creativity that Oregon has.

Actually, while I was at Uptown Market during my ride from the previous post, I had a brief encounter with the owner of Sasquatch Brewery.  He has just finished his Celilo CDA (Cascadian Dark Ale) and is in danger of being sued for the name by some dumb Canadian who thinks he has coined the term “CDA”. Fuck that guy.  Brothers are brothers.  There is a distinct Cascadian Style and that is something to revel in!  The simple malt base with the dynamic hop combinations.  Create something powerful and call it Cascadian!  Nobody else in the world makes beer like we do and that is something that makes me proud.

And so for this post I shall review the incredibly drunkifying, truly Cascadian C-Note IPA from New Old Lompoc.  I chose this beer for a number of reasons.  Before I left for Mexico this was one of my favorite IPA’s.  Also, when I was on that ride to Portland I thought how much sweeter it would have been had it been summer.  And nothing brings summer around like a summer beer.  Now, please, as you read on, note that this is my first review.

I poured this sucker from a 22oz bottle into a pint glass.  The result being a a lot of copper-colored bubbles getting  trapped under a thin head which looked like a frozen beer lake (completely believable in this weather).  Indulging my attempts at being professional i got my nose right in there and caught a very sweet, floral aroma.  This probably has something to do with the alliterative cix(sp) combinations of (c)hops in the chela.  The name derives from the the c-named hops and the 100 IBUs.  The flavor was a bitter brass that rounded out rather nicely.  However, this beer doesn’t kid around.  I could feel the alcohol peeling away my sobriety into a blissful sunny summerland where I am floating on a river being fed grapes by scantily-clad fairies blowing me tokey kisses (you know hops are a cousin of marijuana, right?).

I woke up on the couch staring at three sips of C-Note thinking I was selfish for trying to drink this alone.  After being away from such Cascadianly potent beers, I have become a fan of the session beer and the C-Note certainly is not that.  Grab a bottle and two glasses to share with a friend, preferably during summer, for the C-Note will leave you feeling like a hippie in hypo-allergenic field of bud.  You could stop a tank, but why bother when you feel so good.


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