Not So Self-Supported

When it comes to bicycle touring there are two ways to do it: supported, or self-supported.  It doesn’t matter how many miles you do, where you go, or even what type of bike you use.  You either have a vehicle towing your stuff and possibly picking your ragged, tired butt over those hills or you are toning your muscles for the next Thick Spaghetti competition and dragging your body across the desert alone.  I’m not saying that one is better than the other (get out and pedal, wuss), but they are both very different types of trips.

My trip is self-supported…kind of.  I will make friends along the way and lose them.  But through it all, if I’m going to use it, its on my bike.  And if its on my bike, I’m pedaling it.

The tricky part is resources.  Despite my attempts to save funds, I still do not know what kinds of money-zappers lie ahead.  Will thieves thieve in the middle of the night?  Will parts break down never to be fixed again?  Will drunken escapades lead to bets on rat races?  How much does a lobster dinner in Costa Rica cost anyway?

If you enjoy reading the blog and want to keep learning more about bicycles, beer, and my wacky adventures.  Please take the time to click on the link below and support my ride.  I know it says “Donate” but your gift shall be your gift.  No tax-deductible kickback, no certificate of thanks (although I will email everyone that helps), no name etched onto my bike.  Just pure, unadulterated squandering of your funds to the road and what lies on and beyond it.  There are pizzas to eat, wassail to drink, and sequined jerseys to wear.  While your support may not go to the latter, it will certainly help immensely.  Thank you for your encouragement and excitement and please keep enjoying the trip with me.

Jordan – aka – The Cowabunga Dude


8 responses to “Not So Self-Supported

  1. Hey Jordan
    I just tried to “ship” you $100 bucks. Let me know if it didn’t hit the Paypal website I’ll try again.
    Merry Christmas, enjoy your adventure! Warmly Nancy

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  3. I wanted to give a quick thanks to everybody that has made a donation. Nancy, Pivot Properties, Lisa, Uncle Matt, Uncle Tom, Auntie Kath, and Dianney Phanny (sp). You all have given me a sound piece of mind even though I behave a little bit like Van Gogh…

  4. hey Jordan
    Hopping You are far away from my town hehe…. Remembered me the day you passed Matlapa, San luis potosi, When you got down from Xilitla and We chit chat, hopping the tube was helpfull to your bike,, So hopping you had made all the way to Michoacan on a safe trip.. God blessed you man!

    • Hey David,
      I remember. That tube came in handy 15 minutes later when I switched out that dinky tire for my fat knobby. Thanks a bunch! I’m back in Oregon again, looking at snow and rain.

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